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Salon de Parfums


A luxury concession in the exclusive Salon de Parfums in Harrods, London

The recent opening of the new Boadicea the Victorious boutique in Harrods’ magnificent Salon de Parfums. Means that clients can now journey into an opulent realm of deluxe fragrances, rare ingredients and craftsmanship beyond compare. Sample world-exclusive Boadicea the Victorious products, packaged in unique bottles featuring rose gold shields and caps, presented by dedicated Scent Sommeliers. Soon to come – a new customization service where clients can choose a limited-edition design to grace their chosen Boadicea the Victorious perfume.

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A Salon de Parfums Exclusive

The Sapphire Collection

Indulge your wildest desires with this outrageously decadent collection of awe inspiring pure perfumes, available only in Harrods' Salon de parfums. Comprising five scintillating fragrances it's a collection that garners its rare ingredients from the planet's most elusive spice markets, each perfume presented in bottles resplendent with rose gold shields featuring a precious central gemstone for a unique splash of flamboyance. To add to the delight, our 100ml Sapphire presentation bottles have been paired with world-exclusive 50ml editions- again, unique to the Salon.

A collection of decadent pure perfumes, presented in bottles adorned with rose gold shield and resplendent central gemstone.

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A Salon de Parfums Exclusive

The Ahood Alenezi Collection

Ahood Alenezi, Brand Ambassador to Boadicea the Victorious and go-to authority for the world's beauty aficionados, is the driving force behind this divine new collection of utterly opulent, completely irresistible fragrances. Created from rare and precious ingredients they capture Ahood's inimitable sense of luxury, power and prestige, and are presented in iconic Boadicea bottles with an extravagant rose gold finish and central gemstone highlight, to be found only in Harrods' exclusive Salon de Parfums.

Sensuous power pervades the Ahood Collection - now in Harrods' opulent Salon de Parfums.

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A Salon de Parfums Exclusive

The Atelier Collection

It’s coming. You can feel it in the air. A thrilling new perfume collection to indulge your passion for luxury, available exclusively in Harrods' Salon de Parfums. Comprising four astonishing fragrances - Resplendent, Decadent, Opulent and Sovereign - it's a collection rich in rare ingredients from hedonistic top notes to swooning sub-notes, destined to make the Atelier Collection a Boadicea the Victorious masterpiece.

The new atelier Collection. Created to set your senses ablaze.

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