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Carry Boadicea the Victorious with you wherever you go, in the most discreet and delectable way. Travel Sprays capture all your favourite perfume collections, presented in a sophisticated case to ensure you travel in style.

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Exclusive Atomizer

Travel spray fragrance case top
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Travel spray fragrance case

Swish metallic sheens meets mother of pearl to create a distinguished atomizer for your chosen Boadicea the Victorious perfumes.

You choose a perfume to match your mood, so why not select the atomizers’ finish to enhance the effect? Four sumptuous metallic sheens available.

Create your own travel spray collection

Carry your favourite Boadicea perfumes with you in ultra-convenient fashion. Simply choose an atomizer in one of our four stunning metallic finishes, then select three 10ml perfumes from your preferred collections.

The lightweight cases are cleverly engineered to ensure the perfume vials slip into place with elegant ease.

Travel spray box displaying contents

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Introducing Virtual Store

Speak directly to perfume consultants via video call

Visit our complimentary Virtual Store where the Boadicea concierge team will guide you in choosing the perfect fragrance or gift for that special someone. A personal service with no appointment required.

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