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Summer Essentials

Inspiration ~ 22 Jul 2022

Whether you choose to travel with just hand luggage or to check-in your suitcase, liquids tend to present a challenge. Whether your hair requires a specific conditioner, your skincare needs a certain product routine, or you are just fragrance obsessed, limiting the amount of product to keep your luggage under weight limits can be tricky.

This summer we have a few choices to make travelling with your favourite products a lot easier. When we travel we like to look and feel our best but often taking full-sized products can become a hindrance. The Boadicea Travel Sprays are the answer for travelling with a selection of fragrances for your trip. Simply choose your atomiser which is available in four metallic shades; red, gun metal, rose gold, and silver, allowing you to carry your fragrance with you in a convenient and stylish way. Then select three 10ml bottles from a choice of over 80 of Boadicea's fragrance collection to create your ideal travel set.

Our Discovery Sets provide multiple options for travel. The first a pick n' mix style in which you can choose four or two 10ml scents from a collection of 86 fragrances. Our advice would be to select a variety of perfumes so that you have a fragrance for any occasion that presents itself on your travels. Fresh for every day, sensual or sweet for evenings, warm for a versatile option and bold for when you need some confidence. Alternatively, the Classic Discovery Set is ideal for travel and is comprised of four of our best-sellers; Complex, Glorious, Imperial and Ardent. All of these conventient 10mls can be used independently, or inserted into your chosen travel spray body for extra glamour and protection.

Our fragrances also expand into amenities so you can continue the scent experience to body and hair care. Sets are comprised of body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in 45ml bottles along with a mini soap. Expertly crafted in two of our best-selling scents, Ardent and Blue Sapphire these amenities provide a luxurious extension of our fragrances, boost longevity, and are perfect for enhancing your travel self-care.

This month we are offering a limited promotion on amenities so by purchasing a 100ml Boadicea bottle you then unlock access to a free amenity set of either Ardent or Blue Sapphire.

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