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partner of 2018 PFA Awards

Boadicea the Victorious are proud to be on the 2018 PFA Awards team as the official
sponsor of the Player of Merit, won this year by the late Cyrille Regis

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The PFA Awards

In the modern world, professional footballers have come to symbolise everything that relates to a glamorous life style.

You think of global icons like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or David Beckham, of private jets, high-powered luxury sports cars, imposing mansions, designer fashion labels and exotic holidays in the world’s most exclusive sunshine spots.

So it is worth remembering that the Professional Footballers Association came into existence in 1907 to fight for the abolition of a maximum wage of just FOUR POUNDS a week.

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Player of Merit award 2018 PFA Cyrille Regis

Just as Queen Boadicea, the ancient warrior who inspires our brand, fought for the freedom of her people so the original members of the PFA fought for basic employment rights for professional footballers, who in those days were tied to clubs through the retain and transfer system.

In the 1960s the Union fought to abolish the minimum wage, paving the way for today when players who are world figures can command the rewards their status as global superstars deserve.

Now the glittering evening at a top London venue will be televised all around the world, and at Boadicea the Victorious we are thrilled to have been invited to be part of such a magnificent occasion.

2018 Player of Merit

Sponsored by Boadicea the Victorious

Cyrille Regis

Boadicea, the great Queen who inspires our brand, was a fearless warrior for justice and freedom and so we cannot think of a better recipient of the PFA Merit Award, sponsored for the first time by Boadicea the Victorious luxury fragrances, than the great Cyrille Regis.

The sudden passing in January of the former England striker, aged just 59, was an event that shocked everybody not only in the world of football but beyond.

Cyrille’s widow Julia and his son Robert were guests of honour at the Professional Footballers Association Awards at London’s Glittering Grosvenor House Hotel to receive posthumously on his behalf the prestigious Merit Award which has been presented by the Association since 1974.

Regis was a standard bearer in the 1970s for a whole generation not only of young black footballers but of his community as a whole.

Confronted with racism from the terraces he rose above the taunts and insults and won over hearts and minds with his power, athleticism and skill and also his cool and measured attitude.

His influence changed attitudes in those days, and made him an icon for all those who have since become heroes of Britain’s most popular and enduring sport.

He played eight times for England, and made more than 700 club appearances in all, most famously for West Bromwich Albion before also starring for Coventry City (where he won the FA Cup), Aston Villa, Wolves Wycombe and Chester City, scoring nearly 200 goals.

When his playing days ended he worked to guide the careers of young players both black and white and was considered an inspirational mentor to all those he helped.

His influence is already etched in history, and will live long both in sport and in wider society. At Boadicea the Victorious we are hugely proud to be associated in this small way with his legacy.

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