Surround yourself in the magnificent with the online launch of Boadicea Home Fragrance

Taking inspiration from a selection of our elite perfumes we have created a range of scented Fabric and Room sprays. We are always inspired by the transformative power of scent and invite you to indulge your senses and allow imagination to run wild as you unwind and enjoy the instant ambience delivered by these glorious fragrances.

As one can expect from a quality British brand, the longevity of the aroma is indisputable as it fills your home with an enduring scent in a matter of moments. Room and fabric sprays provide the finishing touch to your home and are ideal for lifting your mood or simply for spritzing a space before the arrival of your special guests.

Almas, Imperial, Dasman and Glorious are the indulgent and exuberant scents we have included for our first voyage into home fragrance.

Almas brings the shimmer of diamonds to any room, with the stunning amalgamation of zesty pineapple balanced with spicy clove, mingling seamlessly with bright neroli and Cambodian Oud – creating an atmosphere of intense refinement. Imperial, with its light touch of angelic and rosewood, installs a sense of calm reassurance with a regal touch. Both are sure to make the right impression this festive season.

The playful heart of Glorious echoes in abundance as the warmth of rose and nutmeg journey down to a base of rich vanilla and creamy patchouli. Sublime in its fruity nature, Glorious is the perfect addition to any happy home.

If you are yearning for exotic and far off lands, then look no further than Dasman. The shimmering allure of the Middle East is epitomised here. A room and fabric spray that combines the purity and beauty of roses and neroli, with spicy saffron and bergamot. The undercurrent of Cambodian Oud and musk ensures this is a fiercely independent fragrance, tempered only with the inclusion of refined vetiver and patchouli. Dasman is a scent with a sense of sovereignty and brings majestic elegance to every home.

Using our refined and technical expertise, we have created a unique formulation to ensure you can also use the sprays on fabrics allowing you to emphasise your favourite scent on anything from soft furnishings to clothing.

With the crisp autumn air and the fast approaching winter months, our fragrant Fabric and Room sprays promise to add a touch of splendour and make staying at home a luxurious and cozy experience.