How to buy perfume online

Buying perfume online may seem quite risky, as we rely heavily on our senses when choosing the perfect scent. This intrinsic relationship makes it harder to contemplate purchasing a perfume without having smelt it first. A perfume purchase is also an experience in its own right, but there is a chance we might be better off clicking before sniffing – here we explain why…

Department store perfume halls, whilst glamorous and opulent, can also be overwhelming. Even when the stores are not filled with people, they are filled with scent, and this can lead to ‘nose confusion’. It is hard to authentically experience a fragrance when the nose is crowded with invading perfumes that fill the air. In store we are presented with various ‘blotters’ that have been sprayed with perfumes to sniff. Whilst this holds merit, it can sometimes provide a false impression of the perfume, particularly premium scents.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume Samples

Premium fragrances are predominantly created using natural ingredients and elements, which work with your body’s acidity and warmth throughout the day to create an individual experience. A wise and savvy way to shop would be to sample a premium perfume. This will allow you to experience it privately, away from the crowded air and throughout the day as your skin warms. This sensible approach will enable the wearer to understand the perfume in its truest form, whilst also ensuring that a whole bottle of perfume won’t be wasted.

A good place to start in selecting your samples is by ascertaining what perfumes you have previously enjoyed. Researching the ‘notes’ and the perfumes’ fragrance triangle will give you a strong indicator of your perfume preferences, ensuring you don’t select anything obtuse. Take advantage of the filtering options on perfume websites to make sure you are really honing in on your selection as much as possible. Look at the ‘fragrance family’ of your previously adored scent – are its origins floral / woody / citrus / musk?

There will also be clues in the scent’s description, helping us to mentally transport to the sentiment of the perfume. Look for the adjectives chosen to describe the fragrance as this often reflects the mood and character. For example, words such as ‘mysterious’ ‘dark’ ‘brooding’, promotes a fragrance that is probably better suited to the evening and is potentially heavier than its ‘aquatic’ counterpart.

Perfume Consultation Videos

Yet, if you do not have the time and inclination for such research, then simply leave it to the experts! Boadicea the Victorious are offering virtual consultations for anyone who is interested in learning more about our glorious perfume collection, making buying perfume online a whole lot easier. Allow our experts to share their olfactory knowledge and assist you in ascertaining your preferences, without any pressure to purchase. Meet with them virtually to talk through our sample selections, then meet with them again to smell these sample scents together, talking through the perfumes’ stories and inspiration.

There is also a wide range of perfume presentations available on the Boadicea website, showcasing some of our most popular fragrances with our consultants bringing some of their favourite scents to life in these videos.

If a virtual consultation does not suit you, then we are always on hand to talk over the phone via email – simply get in touch and our experts will respond with on hand guidance and unbounded enthusiasm. Demonstrating that an ‘at home’ click can be better than an ‘in store’ spritz!