The Jewel in our Shield

The Boadicea bottle has become something of an icon within famed perfume halls worldwide. The brand is easily identified by the striking shields that adorn the perfectly circular bottles.

Whilst the focus ordinarily remains on the premium juice within this precious falcon, today we divulge into the glorious heritage of the bottles frontage.

Luxury bottles of perfume with pewter celtic shields

There are several knot work designs across the Boadicea collection, each with a nod to Celtic mythology. They represent security, strength and protection; with many of the designs taken directly from history books before being given a Bodicean twist. The shields themselves are made of the highest quality pewter, and unlike cheaper pewter, it does not contain any lead. Further enhancing Boadicea the Victorious’ ethos and commitment to using premium ingredients, both inside and out.

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, a national treasure

The jewels that take centre stage on many of Boadicea’s ultra luxe fragrances are of equal prestigious origin. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, once described by English Heritage as a ‘national treasure’, is where these precious gemstones herald from. With a prestigious history spanning over 250 years, it’s long been the home to some of the most respected and highly skilled jewellery makers. So much so that the Jewellery Quarter has been designated a conservation area, making it a piece of living British history in its own right!

Setting a precious jewel into a gold ornate shield

Needless to say the quality of the gemstones are second to none, as well as the skill involved when setting these stones into the ornate shields. With some scents now having up to seven gems emblazoned onto their shields, the job of setting them is one of time and attention, dripping with skill.

This sense of tradition is at the very core of Boadicea the Victorious. As a consumer of the brand, you are not only buying a truly exquisite fragrance, but you are also tipping your toe into the very heart and foundations of Great Britain.