5 things you have always wanted to know about perfume

Perfume is a beautiful mystery. It has the ability to smell entirely different from one person to another, as well as having the power to transport us across place and time, which is something we should cherish and embrace. However, there are some things we need to know in order ‘get the best’ out of our prized perfumes.

Why do scents smell different on different people?

Many people question how Boadicea the Victorious can be a unisex fragrance brand, the answer is quite simple – our perfumes smell different on every individual. The reason for this is twofold, at Boadicea it has long been our mission to create scents of the highest quality, using many raw and precious ingredients. In steering clear of as many synthetic elements as possible, we are able to deliver outstanding fragrances that truly react to an individuals skin. Secondly, the very make up of our skin is unique and consequently, when combined with the complexity of natural ingredients, ensures the delivery of a scent that is as unique as you are. The lines between male and female scents are therefore naturally blurred when it comes to luxury perfume.

How should we wear our scent?

Some prefer a signature perfume – a staple scent that is worn and recognised as part of their personality; literally becoming the scent and the scent becoming them. However, perfumes can also be treated like fashion – adapted to season or event. In this instance, a ‘wardrobe of scent’ is required! A perfume chosen to suit one’s mood or the circumstance, freeing yourself into feeling different and daring to take on new adventures creating infinite impressions on others with various scent experiences!

Perfumes heat and warm, which means they radiate throughout the day, therefore it makes sense for the scent to be applied to our pulse points. Some would even argue a quick spritz behind the knee! Coco Chanel famously suggested that perfume should be worn wherever one wants to be kissed, but this might be a touch extreme for some!

How can I make my perfume last longer?

Scent layering is key to prolonging the life of your perfume. In the absence of a corresponding body cream or lotion (Boadicea fans, watch this space!), the secret is to have well-nourished skin as it will accept the perfume and absorb it quickly, so you can begin your scent experience immediately!

Perfume can also be sprayed into the air, with the individual then walking through the mist to douse themselves in exquisite scent! This is an excellent way to add an additional layer to oneself, as clothes fibres can hold a scent for a significant time – however, one must be careful as certain oils and dark juices can stain lighter clothing.

Hair Mists have also become popular in recent months, and at Boadicea we have worked with Ahood to create an outstanding collection. Our hair holds perfume extraordinarily well and ensures our scent wafts with us throughout the day and long into the night! Our hair mists also contain keratin to deliver added strength and plump up empty strands where keratin is absent. There’s no damage to the structure of the hair, just that additional long-lasting allure!

How should we store perfume?

As Boadicea perfumes contain natural elements, they can change over time with sunlight accelerating this process. Storing your perfume away from the window and in a cool environment is recommended. The bottles are so beautiful you will want to display them proudly, almost as ornaments, and this is of course highly encouraged. Your scent collection is a point of discussion and discovery, something to be shared and envied.

Why can’t I smell my own perfume?

Well, it’s because you are clever! Smell is a sense that is primarily designed for survival, and once the brain understands that the perfume isn’t a threat, it is quite literally ‘forgotten’. A change of scent should, therefore, be encouraged! Challenge yourself to try something different!

One thing remains fact – perfumery is innately personal therefore there cannot be any firm rules – other than the ones you make up yourself and let’s face it, they are the most fun!

So – be bold, be adventurous, be Boadicea.