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Turning up the Heat

The sun is shining and excitement pulses in the air as we steadily make a bid for freedom out of lockdown! With long summer days upon us and time to make up for, it seems like an opportune moment to highlight a selection of our summer ‘must haves’. What better way to celebrate this euphoria than with a new statement scent?

With large events currently on hold, one yearns to make a statement in a more intimate setting and we have just the fragrances to make that long awaited entrance.

Floral illustration with Boadicea the Victorious perfume bottles

Feeling Floral…

The most apt of all being ENVIOUS. A beautiful floral scent that adds the perfect finishing touch. Sparkling notes of bergamot and mandarin compliment these soft sensual roses. Sambac jasmine tingles the skin before being tempered with a base of blonde woods and vetiver. Envious Eau de perfume works precious magic, glistening at every turn to ensure you are the envy of them all.

Continuing with the floral romance of summer is HEROINE, with its all-consuming tones that are certain to set hearts a flutter! Heroine is a firm favourite amongst our loyal customers. It is a flirty and vibrant scent with its purple flowers intertwining with soft citrus fruits leaving a lasting impression on the skin. Heroine will make you feel like a modern day hero!

CHARIOT is a floral treat that continues to surprise! It’s a playful scent with hints of jasmine and vanilla that flow as chiffon in a breeze. Then comes an element of surprise – leather. Its inclusion into Chariots base is unlikely but superbly balanced, bringing a sense of gravitas juxtaposed with soothing patchouli to ensure this fragrance can withstand long summer days!

Citrus fruit illustration with Boadicea the Victorious perfume bottles

Juicy Fruits…

If you are feeling the need for a little more ‘zing’ and bazzaz as you emerge from your living room, then look no further than these sparkling fragrances that simply burst with energy. These scents are fresh and bright and won’t leave you feeling sticky on long hot summer days!

Despite being an undeniably citrus fragrance, ENERGIZER has incredible longevity on the skin. Bringing the wearer a sparking experience that is bright and busting with positivity. It is an Eau de parfum with a high concentration ensuring that it remains fresh and buoyant long into the evening. Energizer is sure to transport you into a scene of pure citrus elegance.

For the perfect companion on a hot summers day look no further than CONSORT. With its cool and calm sentiment, this fragrance is a true breath of fresh air. Soft citrus hints against a sandalwood base to create the most seamless and classic bend.

GLORIOUS is an utter fruity delight, bursting with mischievous tones of peach and plum, a celebration of our inner child, yearning to play and skip. Glorious summer days and blossoming orchards are captured in this entrancing fragrance. 

Green foliage illustration with Boadicea the Victorious perfume bottles

Hot Hot Hot

Many of you may live or enjoy travel to hot exotic lands and consequently, it is important to have a powerful scent that can withstand the heat of the day. For those who enjoy heavier scents but with a sunny sentiment, be sure to try VIOLET SAPPHIRE. A rich yet bubbly scent full of red fruits and Kashmir oud with an intensity that will flourish long into the evening. 

The relatively new REBELLIOUS is widely becoming referred to as ‘the Complex of the summer’ with its sweet top notes paired with a leather and patchouli base it is sure to make the ideal statement. Rebellious is stealth personified, playful at the outset yet emerging into a complex fragrance, perfect for those who can’t be tamed.

ALKOUT, launched earlier this year to celebrate the national day of Kuwait; a rose oud unlike any other in the Boadicea collection. The adding lavender, as well as various herbaceous inclusions, bring an entirely unique dimension to this exquisite scent – set to become a classic without doubt!

Enjoy your journey through the Boadicea collection and unearth many treasures as you read the vivid descriptions of our vast collection of precious scents. Remember we are here to help – so please contact us with any questions or queries you might have as we would love to assist you in finding your perfect perfume.

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