Carry your favourite Boadicea perfumes with you with our Travel Spray collection

As lockdown eases, we can slowly dare to dream of getting out and about, meeting with friends and throwing ourselves into the arms of loved ones…and doesn’t it feel great! A whiff of positivity is finally here, and we couldn’t be more grateful! As we steadily emerge from our homes we want to look and feel as best we can! Many of us might have let things slip in lockdown – but at least we can smell beautiful, giving that important aura of confidence to those we pass! With Boadicea’s high concentration level and use of raw ingredients, you can be sure that your perfume will waft beyond the safe social distance, ensuring you are noticed for the right reasons!

As luck would have it you can now you can carry your favourite Boadicea perfumes with you in an ultra-convenient way as you begin to leave your home. Simply choose an atomizer in one of our four finishes and then select three 10ml perfumes. Select three different fragrances, or if you’re totally bewitched by one particular perfume, choose three of the same! The lightweight cases are cleverly engineered to ensure the perfume vials slip into place with elegant ease, making swapping your scent super easy. Thanks to ingenious British craftsmanship and an unparalleled flair for fashionable design, each Travel Spray is presented in a sleek metallic carry case in a choice of colours, ranging from prestigious Silver, Gun Metal grey, burnished Rose Gold and Ruby Red, each topped with mother of pearl.

Boadicea the Victorious - Red Travel Sprays with bottles

This strange period of incarceration has given many of us an opportunity to reflect and consider the things that are truly important to us. Perfume might not be essential in terms of life survival, but it is essential in so much as how it makes us feel. Throughout this strange time selfcare has been of paramount importance, and if for you, like us, that means dousing yourself in your favourite scent, then perfume is very much an essential part of our rhythm and routine.

Now you can then leave your home confidently safe in the knowledge that you can create the inimitable ‘Boadicea effect’ at the touch of a button with our fabulous Travel Spray Collection.

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