Boadicea the Victorious’ Top 10 fragrances

‘What is the best?’ is a frequently asked question from both fans of Boadicea the Victorious and newcomers alike. The honest answer is that ‘best’ is really all in the eye of the beholder! When consulting with clients, the first question I ask is ‘how do you want this perfume to make you feel?’, the answers are often quite insightful! Perfume is so intrinsically related to ‘feeling’ that it cannot be ignored, depending on a host of external factors on any given day we might be looking for a perfume to perform a different function, making us feel fresh or seductive or powerful, for example. Making ‘best’ highly subjective!

One, however, cannot deny facts and therefore I find myself looking to statistics rather than emotions in determining the Boadicea Top Ten. These 10 fragrances are our ‘best sellers’ across the globe. Many of these spectacular scents have been within the collection for several years and are an irrefutable classic. Each fragrance containing a bevy of unparalleled raw ingredients ensuring every scent adapts to the individual, instantly personalising the perfume for every wearer.

Blue Sapphire

1. Blue Sapphire

Take yourself on an exotic adventure with Blue Sapphire. A fragrance initially launched to mark the 65th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip of the United Kingdom, Blue Sapphire has certainly earnt its place as our number 1. Its fruity top notes seamlessly mingle with daring oud, bring a bright playfulness to an otherwise timeless masterpiece. It’s a pure perfume that simply cannot be missed.

Shop Blue Sapphire | £545 – 100ML



2. Complex

Complex by name but surprisingly comprising of few ingredients, Complex has found global fame with fans of niche perfume. A confident perfume smoking with leathery tones and warming musk juxtaposed with a herbaceous beginning. A fragrance full of opulent flair that is sure to get you noticed. Enjoyed by so many that Complex 2020 was launched, a supercharged version of this unquestionable classic.

Shop Complex | £165 – 100ML



3. Nemer

Smooth opulence oozes from the very outset with Nemer. This astounding creamy oud leaves the wearer captivated, as it seeps on the skin like liquid gold. Capturing the glamour of Hollywood and combining this with the mysteries of the middle east to create an altogether elegant and luxurious scent of pure perfection. Taking its name from the Arabic for ‘tiger’ Nemer is reminiscent of the prowling seduction of the big cat with all their hypnotic power.

Shop Nemer | £350 – 100ML



4. Valiant

Valiant is the personification of pure elegance. A fragrance of refined sentiment that whispers with power on the skin. The rearing stallions that emblazon the bottle epitomize the spirit of refined abandonment. Valiant is zesty and lusty in every sense of the words but it takes us on this journey with true sophistication. It’s fresh, it’s warm it’s creamy – Valiant is everything. Watch Chrissy from our Salon de Parfum talk about Valiant via our Virtual Consultancy.

Shop Valiant | £825 – 100ML



5. Azrak

Close your eyes. Imagine white sands, a crisp sea breeze, and waves that entrance you as they wash against the shore. This is Azrak. Its name again taken from our Arabic friends meaning ‘blue’ but also as a celebration of our island nation with its bright blue falcon, Azrak has risen quickly to number 5 with our top ten. Enjoyed for its freshness and sense of adventure, its bright and optimistic perfume of character and verve. Watch Amy from Selfridges talk about Azrak via our Virtual Consultancy

Shop Azrak | £290 – 100ML



6. Ardent

Indulge in a bed of rich roses topped with a creamy and enveloping blanket of creamy amber and vanilla. Ardent packs a passionate punch; full of romantic drama and mysterious charm. A perfume of genuine excess, when more is most definitely more and when only a splash of true excess will do. Watch Faye our Boadicea Perfume Consultant talk about Ardent via our Virtual Consultancy.

Shop Ardent | £165 – 100ML



7. Glorious

Glorious by name and glorious by nature – Glorious is playful, a gregarious perfume full of enthusiasm. Put it simply; it makes you feel happy! Rich florals matched with juicy fruits combine to bring a sense of optimism executed in a mature and rounded manner. Reminiscent of long spent days in a sun drenched orchard with long grass underfoot. Watch Faye our Boadicea Perfume Consultant talk about Glorious via our Virtual Consultancy.

Shop Glorious | £165 – 100ML



8. Almas

A fearless fragrance of great intensity, one that envelops its wearer with a sense of protection. Almas is one of Boadicea’s most luxurious blends, featuring much coveted Cambodian Oud intermingled with zesty top notes of pineapple ensuring this pure perfume dazzles and delights with its every turn. Almas is as sparkling as its name suggests. Watch Tamer from Le Printemps talk about Almas via our Virtual Consultancy.

Shop Almas | £545 – 100ML



9. Monarch

As its name suggests Monarch is regal in its impression. Opulent and powerful in its presence, but gentle at heart. A bright, buoyant beginning, journeying the wearer to smooth depths of sophistication. Monarch has earnt its rightful place within the top ten with its accessibility.

Shop Monarch | £165 – 100ML



10. Imperial

Imperial a scent of subtle gravitas! Feel empowered and emboldened by the calm assurance that Imperial exudes. It’s a perfume that makes you feel in control. A sense of authority and calm assurance is at the very core of this scent, calming lavender is boldly balanced with pervading oud with astonishing affect. Watch Faye our Boadicea Perfume Consultant talk about Imperial via our Virtual Consultancy.

Shop Imperial | £215 – 100ML

There concludes Boadicea’s top 10. A round up of the most popular purchased fragrances each with the power to transport you to another time and place and leave you feeling SENSATIONAL!