All eyes are on Boadicea the Victorious as Selfridges London unveils new window display

For more than 100 years – 109 to be precise – the window displays at Selfridge’s flagship department store in London’s Oxford Street have turned heads and stopped traffic.

So at Boadicea the Victorious we are thrilled to be joining elite company as our brand is featured in an amazing new window display.

Boadicea Eye See Window Display Selfridges LondonWhen the building first opened, Harry Selfridge the American retail genius who brought his ideas to London, initiated a “signature window” signed by all of the film stars and other famous people who shopped at the store.

In more recent years the Metropolitan Police had to order the removal of a David Beckham lookalike from the displays because it was clogging up Oxford Street traffic.

Style magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar frequently photograph and publish the latest displays among the 27 windows that surround the historic Grade II listed building.

Now with all 27 windows adopting an “eye” theme, our designers have come up with a visually amazing way to showcase our iconic perfume bottles.

We will have the distinctive Celtic shield design, which adorns our bottles in pewter, made by traditional British artisans, at the centre to form the iris. Around the shield set to create the shape of an eye will be a whole range of Boadicea the Victorious bottles, to make sure we are turning heads on London’s busiest shopping street this summer.

Boadicea Eye See Window Display Selfridges LondonBut if the display looks great, that’s nothing to the quality of the Boadicea the Victorious area inside the store where our complete range of luxury perfumes, including our latest Selfridges exclusive Fortitude fragrance, is on sale together with the unique shopping experience of a personalised guide to find the scent that suits you best.

Next time you are in London be sure to head for Oxford Street, take in the history of the magnificent building, and come out smelling fantastic!