Boadicea launches new Violet Sapphire fragrance

Maybe it’s the mystical properties of the precious gemstones that adorn each bottle, or maybe it’s just because they smell so beautiful.  Or maybe a bit of both.

Boadicea Perfume's iconic gold shield adorned by a violet sapphireBut ever since we launched Blue Sapphire into our Exclusive Collection back in 2013 to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our Sapphire range has always been a best seller.

The powerful original has been followed by Amber Sapphire, Rose Sapphire, Green Sapphire and Burj Al Arab Blue Sapphire, all of them resonating with the precious mineral’s symbolic depths.

So now we are proud to announce the launch in June of Violet Sapphire, the latest fragrance to perfectly complement the other classics in this enchanting family.

Sapphire gemstones since ancient times have been surrounded by myths and legends relating their spiritual patterns.  Each colour has its own life-affirming properties, but all have been held to be stones of wisdom.  They honour the higher mind, bringing intuition, clarity and self-mastery.

Violet Sapphire, created in nature by the presence of a mineral called vanadium as the rock was formed millions of years ago, has traditionally been held to have its own unique metaphysical properties.

It’s believed to be particularly calming, re-establishing emotional balance between all that is known and all that is unknown.  It brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening.

BTV Violet Sapphire - a souk-rich, swooning perfumeAgainst the background of these legends the artisans of Boadicea the Victorious have worked to produce a fragrance designed to harness that character resonating with kindness, good fortune, wisdom and astute judgement.

Top notes of raspberry sorbet, peach, passion fruits and violets dissolve to a heady middle of magnolia flowers with jasmine, sambac and Iranian rose.

But then comes the powerful base, with Cambodian oud, Sandalwood, Kashmir wood and musks combining to bring a feel of calm and authority to complement the early floral beauty.

Sumptuously boxed in black satin, with the iconic gold plated shield on the Boadicea the Victorious bottle adorned by a violet sapphire, this is certain to become a resplendent favourite in the Exclusive Collection.

It goes on sale this month exclusively in Harrods, the iconic store in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge area.