Boadicea Perfume turns heads at Spear’s Wealth Management Awards Ceremony in London’s Dorchester Hotel

boadicea_perfume_spears_dorchester_event_img15Boadicea, the great ancient Queen who inspires our brand, was a fierce warrior but she was also a lover of nature and beauty.

So we think she’d have been knocked out by the magnificent floral and perfume display with which we greeted guests at the recent Spears awards in London.

Set in the opulent reception rooms of The Dorchester Hotel, we used a specialist Wimbledon florist to bring together the themes of our different families of fragrances.

Boadicea the Victorious Floral perfume displayThere were separate displays for Floral, Citrus, Woody and Musk perfumes, as well as a stand to showcase our new and exciting Bespoke service which allows customers to create their own scent.

The Spear’s Wealth Management awards are a major annual occasion to acknowledge and honour entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others for their innovation, success and outstanding contributions.

More than 500 of Europe’s most successful, influential and wealthy individuals gather to celebrate and meet the best and most innovative individuals and companies from across the world.boadicea_perfume_spears_dorchester_event_img22

We were honoured that Boadicea the Victorious CEO David Crisp was invited to present one of the awards, and he handed the UHNW Asset Manager of the Year prize to Patrick Smiley of Smith and Williamson.

“It was a wonderful occasion and we were bowled over by the number of amazing compliments given to our display,” Mr Crisp said.

“Just as important we received even more compliments from those who took the opportunity to sample the different fragrances from our full range.”

Guests took away a gift of a small bottle of Regal at the end of a memorable evening.

Boadicea the Victorious Valiant Pure Perfume
Boadicea the Victorious Floral Perfume bottle on display in London's Dorchester Hotel
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