Boadicea Luxury Limited Edition Scent; Amathyst launches in Le Printemps, Haussmann Store, Paris

Since it was first founded in 1865, the Le Printemps department store has been a byword in the French capital city of Paris for the very best shopping experience.

Now sited in a magnificent Art Nouveau pavilion, which was designated in 1975 as a historic monument, it offers Parisians the full range of luxury goods to enhance their lifestyles.

Naturally they have been an enthusiastic supplier of Boadicea the Victorious perfumes for some years, but now our relationship has moved further with a special limited edition fragrance which will be on sale exclusively from the store.

Amethyst for Le Printemps is a luxury, limited edition scent which will have heads turning in the French capital.

A magnetic perfume blended with an oriental leathery sillage, it creates a magical mist that envelops the body as a second skin.

Top notes of black pepper and cinnamon dissolve to a middle of sweet amber and addictive woods, giving way to a base of elegant leather that lasts to give an aura of sumptuous luxury.

The fragrance is in our iconic bottle with its unique pewter shield plated in gold, but with a twist as the bottle itself is in a daring shade of purple to underline the luxuriousness of this limited edition perfume.

Amethyst for Le Printemps will be available from this month exclusively for the Printemps store in Boulevard Haussmann priced at 390 Euros.