Luxury fragrance store Galerie Parfumerie is to exhibit Boadicea the Victorious perfumes from Kuwait’s new, magnificent 89 Mall

In a world where one shopping mall can be like any other, the new 89 Mall in the Egaila region of Kuwait stands out as a magnificent exception.

Completed earlier this year, the building is a stunning piece of architecture outside and then provides a magnificent shopping experience inside.

The design has created a flowing environment which perfectly meets the brief to provide a space that brings together world class luxury brands with signature restaurants and fascinating new entertainment concepts.

Into this exciting project we’re delighted to announce that Boadicea the Victorious will have a significant presence as part of the new Galerie Parfumerie store which will be opening in the next few weeks.
Galerie Parfumerie interior Mall 89 Kuwait

The luxuriously appointed store is the latest in an expanding network under the Galerie Parfumerie brand which has established a growing reputation as the country’s finest retailer of luxury perfumes.

The store focuses only on the most exclusive brands, and with displays commissioned by leading artists presented in an opulent exhibition space creates a unique experience for customers to understand the scents they are presented with.

Galerie Parfumerie 89 Mall Kuwait

Naturally we’ve ensured that the staff will understand our Boadicea the Victorious range and will be fully trained to give the professional advice on your perfect fragrance that our customers have come to expect at all our retail outlets.

If you are visiting the 89 Mall, then don’t forget to ensure that Galerie Parfumerie is your first destination.