Complex 2020 Launches in Harrods

It is called Complex, yet it is actually very simple. Maybe that is why, of all the scents in the Boadicea the Victorious range, it has endured as one of our best sellers.

Now we are pleased to announce the launch of Complex 2020, a pure perfume version of this enchanting scent.

Our customers love the teasing top notes of sage and basil that drift through an enchanting middle of violet and incense before melting into a leather and musk oud base.

Suggestive, sexy and confident, it is a fragrance that stands out from the crowd.

If you’ve loved Complex in its traditional eau de perfum presentation then you’ll be bowled over by the new version.

The change to a 25 per cent dilution creates a more dominant, long lasting scent that will linger long into romantic summer evenings.

Watch for Complex 2020 when it makes its debut on sale in Harrods this month.
£330 for 100ml.