Boadicea Perfume Introduces Rose Sapphire

Since ancient times, the sapphire with its glittering brilliance was believed to be a symbol of harmony, of bringing lovers closer together and of creating agreement between adversaries.

Maybe that legend has helped inspire the success of our Sapphire collection of scents that have become hugely popular for their stunning individuality.

Now we are proud to release a new addition to the range, Rose Sapphire, with its distinctive pink jewel set in the centre of the iconic shield that adorns every Boadicea the Victorious bottle.

Due to be launched soon in both Harrods and Selfridges, this pure perfume is a worthy addition to an exclusive range of luxury fragrances.

Top notes of cardamom, curcuma, geranium and saffron dissolve into a heavenly middle of helichrysum, neroli, hedione and sumptuous Turkish rose. But it’s the base featuring patchouli and musks which gives Rose Sapphire its distinctive air of a long-lasting and sensuous luxury.

A scent that works equally well on men and women, Rose Sapphire is sure to take its glittering place among our most popular ranges.