Boadicea Perfume Welcome in Iran

Queen Boadicea, the great ancient warrior who inspires our brand, was a fearless leader – and we like to think we can be equally bold in introducing new territories to the delights of our unique perfumes.

So we are proud to announce that an agreement is now close to being signed to bring Boadicea the Victorious products to the emerging market of Iran.

The recent deal between the United States and Iran that has seen a number of trade restrictions lifted has opened an opportunity which we first explored nearly two years ago, and we are hugely excited to think we can be in the vanguard of Western products being allowed back into a country of more than 80 million people.

For too long the country’s charms have been hidden from the world, but the changing political landscape will open up a country of magnificent scenery, welcoming people and amazing historic monuments.

But it also has a modern aspect, with giant retail developments like the Tehran Mega Mall, which boasts five floors of luxury shopping and a four star hotel, recently opened. We are very enthused about the opportunity to work with our new partners to share in an exciting venture. Watch this space.