Salacious & Scandalous

If you are yet to buy that special someone a Valentines present then look no further than these two magnificent new fragrances from Boadicea the Victorious. There is little doubt that Boadicea the Victorious was a controversial character and these scents epitomise her audacious behaviour.

Salacious is an eau de perfume that arouses from beginning to end. The journey starts with green herbaceous notes, with a touch of absinthe – but this fragrance is certainly not forgettable. The heart evokes unsolicited desire, smoky yet sensual; prickly, yet smooth; hard to fathom but sure to leave you wanting. The earthy base of leather and castoreum provides a sense of animalistic indecency. This rustic frivolity is softened with patchouli, vetiver and musks drawing Salacious to a voluptuous and lavish close. Salacious is an eau de perfume full of sexual appeal and wanton desire.

Heady, hypnotic with a touch of outrage sums up the magnificent new eau de perfume: Scandalous. Its opening is something of a mystery, juicy red berries mingle with pungent saffron, dashed with white pepper and gentle ylang! One revels in delightful confusion before the floral heart beckons with sumptuous and buoyant allure. Rose de Mai and Indian Tuberose ensure warmth and maturity yet this is balanced with fanciful orange flower. The base brings one a respectably rich finish. Creamy vanilla, amber and musk cavort with rock rose and leather. Scandalous is full of exotic rapture; an outrageous twist on a classic rose fragrance makes Scandalous a shamefully addictive eau de perfume.

These arousing perfumes are now available to buy online 195.00 for 100ml – or on sale in Harrods and Selfridges, London.