100 Years of
Votes for Women

Resonating with steely inner strength and intense longevity, Fortitude is the very embodiment of ‘can do’ aspiration - a dynamic, distinctive perfume firmly attuned to its times.

Fortitude Bottle
Chestertons Polo

Polo in the park 2018

Polo in the Park is a typically British affair, the warm summer sunshine, the pop of champagne corks and the hum of happy conversation together with the thundering hooves of the polo ponies. It’s true heaven. This year Boadicea the Victorious are the proud to present Ladies Day on Saturday 9th June.

With this stunning backdrop brimming with Londons finest individuals it is the ideal atmosphere to unveil our stunning new fragrance: Fortitude.

We look forward to welcoming all to the Boadicea retail stand, to discover FORTITUDE and be inspired by our magnificent range of perfumes. Why not stand aboard our Boadicea chariot, just for fun or to enter Saturdays Best Dressed Competition?

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Fortitude Bottle

Femininity Emboldened

Fortitude captures a sense of indomitable spirit and outright determination. Resonating with steely inner strength and intense longevity it brings together the dynamism of bergamot and cassis with precious sylvan undertones and a courageous heart spilling over with ravishing florals and mysterious ylang ylang. Fortitude is for those who never shrink from a challenge and always question the status quo – a distinctive perfume firmly attuned to its times.


100 years of women’s empowerment captured in glorious Fortitude.

With the launch of Fortitude, the artisans of Boadicea the Victorious have created a perfume that celebrates 100 years of Votes for Women, exemplifying the indomitable spirit of British women through the ages. A part of the Luxury Perfume Collection, Fortitude resonates with steely intent and lofty ambition, its dynamic scent; a eulogy to the trailblazing Suffragettes and the determination of iconic women right back to the days of Queen Boadicea with her flaming hair and legendary courage.

Presented in a distinctive bottle bearing the international symbol of the female (itself derived from the symbol of the Roman goddess Venus, and said to represent Aphrodite’s hand mirror), Fortitude honours the inexorable growth of women’s empowerment with its sheer feminine intensity, earthy ardour and glorious sense of ‘can do’ aspiration.

For those who aren’t afraid to challenge the established order, this is a perfume perfectly attuned to its times – a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women here at home and across the globe, as brilliantly highlighted by International Women’s Day and the marking of the landmark century since Parliament passed the law which first gave women the vote.

Exclusively in Selfridges

With top notes of Bergamot, Cassis and Lily, melting to a middle of Gardenia, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, there’s no mistaking this is an intensely feminine fragrance. But it is the base of the Precious Woods which lingers to bring the sense of empowerment and courage.

Following its launch Fortitude will be available to purchase exclusively in Selfridges and also through the Boadicea the Victorious website.